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October 03 22:04 2017
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Los Angeles, CA – October 3, 2017 — Floafers footwear stands at the intersection where fashion and function meet. Hayes Brumbeloe, founder of Floafers and co-founder Dan Rubertone, brought Floafers into being after Hayes came up with the idea for their product while packing for a beach vacation. According to Hayes, the motivation behind his initial design came when Hayes realized the market was sorely lacking fashionable yet functional footwear that could get wet. His exact thought was “it would be nice to have a pair of stylish loafers you could wear on the beach and in the water and then later into a restaurant.” Floafers was the end result of his brainstorming and partnering with Dan to found their company Floafers in 2017.

“I personally love the idea of a shoe that you can wear on the beach, get wet and then later will look good enough to wear into a restaurant. I also love that these shoes look like loafers and thus are a step above a traditional water shoe. I can’t wait to hear more from the founders of Floafers about their amazing product.” Vice President of Programming JL Haber

Floafers’ Design Aspects:

Floafers ventilation has been intentionally designed to maximize breathability, water displacement and limit unnecessary wait. The floafers are environmentally friendly and made with closed cell EVA foam. The soles of the shoes are created with slip-resistant TPC rubber and are scuff proof as well, making them ideal for any type of wet surface. They are aerated on top provide additional airflow and water dispersion. Floafers come in design options for both men and women.

Floafers are ideal for any person who appreciates fashion but needs the functionality of a water shoe as well, and is where foam meets function.

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