Solving the “Last Mile” Problem by Owning an Airwheel Smart Electric Bike

October 24 18:21 2017
Achieving incredible portability and offering wonderful riding experience, Airwheel electric bikes E3 and E6 are perfect transport devices to solve the last mile problem in cities.

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For many commuters in cities, they have to walk to the nearest bus/subway station every day, which is tiring and unpleasant. Taking this into account, Airwheel develops smart e bikes E3 and E6 Smart Electric Bike, aiming to solve this “last mile” problem and give people more choices when commuting. Offering wonderful riding experience, E3 and E6 intelligent e bikes ensure an enjoyable ride; mini and handy, they can be taken into bus and subway, making seamless connection with public transport. With such smart transport devices, commuters can have a pleasant traveling experience.

Airwheel E3

Superior materials guarantee excellence, intelligent e bikes E3 and E6 offer a comfortable ride. Car-level Li-ion battery set and 300W hub motor are used to ensure excellent performance; 8-inch tyres with special tread patterns can adapt to various road conditions; intelligent EBS offers optimized power scheme, agility and stability in emergency braking after accurate calculation; left-right saddle design confirms to Ergonomics and offers more comfortable riding experience. High-performance, E3 and E6 can greatly facilitate people’s travel, saving their time and energy and improving their sense of well-being. By the way, having a maximum speed of 20km/h and supporting upgrading range with backup batteries, E3 electric folding bike and E6 are good choices for commuters to arrive at their destination.

Airwheel E3

Showing excellent performance, folding e bikes E3 and E6 bring more convenience to commuters with their amazing portability. Though mini in shape, they can bear a maximum load of 100kg. More importantly, thanks to their smart structures, E3 and E6 can pass through narrow space agilely. Besides, incredibly foldable, E3 and E6 are really space-saving. They can be put into bus and subway, enabling users to transfer to public transport at will and giving them more choices when commuting. They can also be put into a corner in the house, avoiding the issue of parking e bikes and the worries of being stolen. In short, smart and foldable, E3 and E6 give people more freedom when traveling.

Airwheel E6

In summary, outclassing clumsy traditional e bikes, Airwheel smart e bikes E3 and E6 are perfect choices for commuters to solve the “last mile” problem.

Airwheel E6

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