Amazon Best Seller For Women’s Health offering a huge discount for their best selling product The Suction Cup

October 24 19:21 2017
For Women’s Health is one of the best Amazon sellers for the beauty & health category, with thousands of happy female clients.

For Women’s Health, one of the best Amazon sellers in the health & beauty category has started a new 75% off promotion for their most efficient tool for losing belly fat fast: the suction cup.

This promotion has limited quantities, and women who want to lose belly fat fast and at the same time save money must use this link and this coupon code JPV93PTP on the checkout page to get their suction cup set for only $11.99, discounted from $44.99.

Before For Women’s Health has started to sell suction cups on Amazon, their general manager, Samantha has tested the suction cups on 80 American women who wanted to lose belly fat fast.

These 80 women were their most loyal email subscribers and all of them were overweight and have started using suction cups on their stomach area twice per day, for 2 weeks.

They also followed a protein-based diet plan and exercised for 15 minutes daily. They received a few workout videos and a detailed meal plan.

After the 2 weeks of the test, 43 women have lost 2 inches from their waist and 27 of them have lost over 1 inch from their waistline.

Five of them have lost half of an inch from their waistline, while the remaining 5 women didn’t see any results because they didn’t use the cups daily.

The ones who also used the suction cups on their thighs drastically reduced their cellulite as well.

Because Samantha loved these results, she decided to start selling the suction cups on Amazon and to each of their clients, to give for free the fitness plan followed by the 80 women.

The suction cupping set is sold in a nice bag where their clients can find printed instruction on how to download the fitness system for free.

Below are the steps women must follow for losing belly fat with suction cups.

First, they need to apply coconut oil on the stomach area. This process can also be done in the shower, on the wet skin. 

Then, they must get the air out of the suction cup by pinching it with their fingers.

While retaining the pressure on the suction cup, women must place it on the stomach area.

Once the suction cup has been placed in contact with the skin, they can release the pressure with their fingers. The skin from their belly will be sucked into the suction cup and the removal of belly fatty deposits can begin.

They must massage the stomach area by making circular movements for 1 minute.

The suction cup must be moved from the bottom to the top of the area they are stimulating. Once it reaches the top, the suction cup can be unstuck and the movement can be repeated for 3 minutes.

Once they have finished treating the stomach area, they can get air back into the suction cup and unstick it from the skin and then they can start cupping on the thigh area for similar results.

This process increases blood flow, makes the skin elastic and helps remove water retention. This is the reason why it was so efficient for the 75 women who did cupping massages daily.

Women who want to lose 2 inches from their waistline in just 2 weeks, have to use this link  to buy the suction cups from Amazon with 75% OFF.

They must also use this coupon code JPV93PTP on the checkout page to get their suction cup set for only $11.99 on Amazon, discounted from $44.99, plus they will get the diet and exercise program for free.

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