China-hifi-Audio Brings More Powerful & Feature-rich CD Players For Music Lovers Of Modern Era

February 01 14:32 2018
Some of the latest CD players include Bada Audio CD player, Shanling CD3.2 vacuum tube CD player and Bada HD-28 CD HDCD tube player.

A quality CD player, fitted with an amplifier, can significantly enhance the music quality to enthrall a listener. China-hifi-Audio now offers several improved CD player versions that are synonymous with quality and are indispensable for any household.

A music lover can explore a range of CD players in the stock of China-hifi-Audio, including the Bada Audio CD player, which has been integrated with the 100% brand new hybrid amplifier. The original edition contains brand new elements in the box with a one year warranty. The circuit of the preamplifier consists of FET, transistors and the vacuum tube with excellent characteristic of each of these components. The FET features a wide frequency response, low distortion and big dynamics. Speaking about the unique features of the CD player, the spokesperson maintains that the transistors and vacuum tubes of it are combined as a single-ended output and which gives it a more accurate reading of signals.

The Shanling CD3.2 vacuum tube CD player is another new product in their stock that ensures high-end sound quality. The full balance CD player is available with or without the USB port and with the voltage range to be chosen between 100V and 240V. With a gross weight of 17kg, the product is fitted with high-quality capacitors and other components. The spokesperson reveals that it contains gold-plated input and output terminals and supports coaxial and optical input. With the Phillips CD servo system, the CD player has a high dynamic range with a very low harmonic distortion.

China-hifi-Audio Brings More Powerful & Feature-rich CD Players For Music Lovers Of Modern Era

Modern-day music lovers will also love the Bada HD-28 CD HDCD tube player, which comes with a remote control. It gives clear, beautiful and more detailed voice for enjoying music. Available in black and silver colors, its base plate is made of a single piece copper plate. It uses three R-type transformers for the analog, digital and tube output supply. Its rectifier ensures fine tuning and minimizes the signal interference for a better sound quality.

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