Introducing Cours Gratuit: Free Online Courses & Training for French-Speaking Students

February 02 08:26 2018

Paris, France – Cours-Gratuit is pleased to announce the expansion of its French language website that provides free online courses, training, and exercises in a variety of fields of study. Topics cover for the most part computer science, but a number of other subjects are also covered.

“If you’re looking for completely free educational resources, you couldn’t come to a better place,” says company spokesperson Salim. “We have over 11.000 documents for you to choose from.”

Cours-Gratuit is geared specifically toward high school, college, and engineering students, and more than 4,000 students from all over the world access the site on a daily basis.

“The site is used by a great many students across France, but we also have many visitors from Quebec and other French-speaking parts of Canada, as well as Belgium and parts of Africa,” explains Salim. “Our resources are constantly being added to and updated, so people know they can find the most recent publications on our site.”

Cours-Gratuit offers instruction in computers, programming, accounting, economics, management, statistics, finance, electricity and trade. Information can be downloaded for free in a variety of formats (DOC, HTML or PDF). Video-based tutorials are available, along with a variety of eBooks for certain subjects.

The site also provides exercises and tests in order for students to test their knowledge at the end of a course of study. Some of the exercises are based specifically on the relevant course, while others will require a more in-depth understanding and require some thought. Answers are provided for all exercises.

With no need to sign up or log in, all resources on Cours-Gratuit are easy to locate, access and download. For more information, visit the website at

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