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February 07 13:12 2018

Each counter display box holds 20 units and is included with purchase.
Rain Shield is an invisible and long-lasting windshield rain repellent. Rain Shield makes the treated surface water repellent and also easier to clean. It’s ideal for windshields, windows & side mirrors. Rain Shield repels rain, sleet and snow and also prevents the adhesion of bugs and bird droppings. Rain Shield drastically improves visibility under rain, makes rain drops slide off when driving over 40 mph and increases overall driving safety.

Nanotech Surface Solutions, a company specializing in the distribution of their own line of nanotechnology-based protective coatings and cleaning compounds has decided to make their high-quality products more accessible to the public. They are doing so by launching their first retail-targeted product: Rain Shield, a windshield rain-repellent that offers outstanding durability and performance and is expected to hit retail shelves nationwide this year.

Nanotech Surface Solutions offers innovative nanotechnology-based coatings and cleaning compounds designed for the industrial, commercial and residential sectors. The company was created with the main purpose of providing high quality, long-lasting & earth friendly products which would protect their customers’ assets. Their coatings provide a combination of superior corrosion, mold, stain, scratch, fingerprint and chemical resistance, self-cleaning, fire-proof, anti-graffiti and grip-creation properties.

The advantages of their protective coatings include but are not limited to:

– Self-cleaning & self-sterilized surfaces
– No health hazards
– No visible difference between treated & untreated surfaces
– Long lasting & durable characteristics
– Environmentally friendly
– Longer & reduced cleaning intervals
– Reduce harsh chemical cleaning product usage
– Water reduction
– Maintenance cost reduction
– Cleaning product cost reduction
– Protection against aging & chemical deposits

Industries benefited from their coatings include home, building & construction, textile & manufacturing, food processing, real estate, oil and gas, military, automotive, among many others.

Nanotech Surface Solutions provides customers a totally new perspective on how to save on cleaning, maintenance and labor costs, boosting up the quality and life span of the treated surfaces while reducing the harsh impact this process has on the environment.

For the last couple of years, Nanotech-Surface Solutions focused exclusively on B2B sales, however, after realizing the tremendous benefits their products could offer end-customers, they decided to launch a retail campaign which will introduce several of their products into the retail world. The first one of these products, which targets DIY-enthusiasts is Rain Shield, a long-lasting windshield rain repellent which increases visibility and overall driving safety during rainy days. Rain Shield takes less than 5 minutes to apply and crates a protective coating which lasts up to six months, making it exceptionally time and cost effective.

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