New York Tech startup to pre-launch schools security and communication app come spring 2018

February 07 23:10 2018
App offer features that make it easier and faster to search for locations and alert security during emergencies

New York City, USA – Varsity Maps, a New York Tech Startup, is proud to announce their mobile app “Varsity Maps.” At the moment, most schools in the US have no means of ensuring adequate security and easy navigation. This has led to insecurity and confusion, especially for new students and staff members. Varsity Maps makes it easier to navigate the campus by helping the user search for buildings, locations, events, room numbers, and equipment. It also helps to improve communication between students and staff and comes with an alarm feature to alert campus security of an emergency. Varsity maps is set for pre-launch, spring 2018.

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“Varsity Maps is the solution to most of the security and communication challenges we currently have on campuses and other schools. Now, anyone can search for a location on campus and get quick and easy direction. No more wandering about looking for an event on campus, no more asking scores of people for direction and yet you can’t get to your destination. Our app is efficient, interactive, and provides complete security for campus staff and students. Now, education can be more fun,” said Mike Morris – Director of Business development, at Varsity Maps.


The three main features that make Varsity Maps one of the best startup techs that will transform the educational sector includes:

Easy Navigation – With the app, anyone can search for locations, buildings, room numbers, and events, and easily find it. This will help make campus navigating less confusing, thereby increasing productivity.

Better Communication – Communication is key in every campus and school environment. Varsity maps offer tools that allow staff and students to share information about campus closures and classroom changes, and highlight evacuation areas in real-time.

Safety And Protection Of Staff And Students – Varsity Maps comes with an alert feature that makes it easy to alert school security of an emergency; be it a fire, an accident, or even a violent breakout. Once school security receives the alert, they are immediately provided with the location of the incident, which can save valuable time.

Protecting The Future Of Our Children

Our children need to be protected because they are the future. An application like Varsity Maps provides the perfect tool to ensure adequate security in campuses, through effective alert and response. The Pennsylvania State University shooting and the recent Wake Forest University campus shooting are reminders of the inadequate security situation in institutions of learning. Varsity Maps is an effort to combat violence and sexual assault in the education system and institutions of higher learning, with the use of modern technology.

“School shootings is a major problem in American schools today. Unfortunately, we’re becoming numb and not paying much attention to it. We need our schools to be safe, from elementary schools to universities. The main function of the Varsity app is to help solve the problem of school shootings in America. It is a powerful tool that will safeguard the lives of children. Every student with a smartphone should have it installed,” said Hector Ezzidio, CEO of Varsity Maps.

About Varsity Maps

Varsity Maps is a New York based tech startup company responsible for the design and development of the Varsity Maps App. The company is committed to improving communication, security, and safety in the educational system, using technology.

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Company Name: Varsity Maps Corporation
Contact Person: Mike Morris – Director of Business Development
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