Shane Disheaux Starts Campaign on Kickstarter to Fund the Posture Belt Trainer Project

February 09 05:45 2018
Shane Disheaux has launched a Kickstarter campaign for funding his Posture Belt Trainer project.

Shane Disheaux, an OTA with over 12 years of experience in geriatrics rehab, has announced the launch of a campaign on Kickstarter for funding his project the Posture Belt Trainer. It is a device designed to treat poor posture in a simple way and ensure high compliance.

“During my stint as an OTA in geriatrics rehab, I have seen patients of different ages suffering from back pain,” says Shane Disheaux. “There was nothing on the market to show how to improve posture to decrease pain and prevent future problems. The Posture Belt Trainer is designed to strengthen the back and make it easy for performing routine tasks more easy and manageable.”

There are many people who suffer from chronic back pain and wear a back brace for support and relief from pain. Back pain is the leading cause of disability in the US and affects 60 to 80 per cent of the adults according to Maryland Medical Center. Research shows that most complaints of back pain come from those with strained muscles caused by lifting heavy objects improperly and due to poor posture. Sudden awkward movements can also result in back pain. In some individuals, genetics and spinal deformities like scoliosis are the causes.

Braces are a popular way of treating back pain and improving posture. They can stabilize injured areas and help in recovery and minimize strain and pressure on the spine for those who need to lift heavy objects as part of their profession. It also helps improve posture and elongates the spine. With braces, it is possible for the affected individual to make transitional movements more conveniently. They are also recommended as a solution for alleviating back pain and can also be used as a non-invasive treatment option in place of surgery.

The Posture Belt Trainer developed by Shane and his team can be the perfect solution for treating back pain and poor posture. Shane has already acquired a provisional patent on the Posture Belt Trainer and is now looking for funding to make the project a success. The product has already been tested and is proven to be effective in improving poor posture. The team is committed to delivering all the pre-orders on time and as per agreed schedule. According to the project managers, they will be extremely transparent about the project and will observe absolute transparency on every aspect.

Posture Belt Trainer is a real solution to minimizing pain in the back, neck, and shoulder. This system is designed to correct posture and also show how to correct it for reducing wear and tear.

The Kickstarter campaign started by Shane Disheaux has a financial goal $25,000 and a deadline of March 12, 2018, by which the goal must be achieved.

About Posture Belt Trainer:

Posture Belt Trainer is an initiative by Shane Disheaux. It is a device designed to help the wearer maintain the correct posture. It is a simplistic device that makes use of a ball and level as a biofeedback device to help user stand up straight. It can make performing daily tasks easy and manageable.

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