Otterseye, an App that Allows Sharing, Discussion and Review of Books, Launches at Kickstarter

August 28th, 2017 Book enthusiasts looking to share, discuss and review books on a modern social media platform now have a chance to do this through supporting the project which will make their dream realized. Otterseye, an app that allows users to find, share, discuss and review books has launched a crowd funding campaign at Kickstarter. The project seeks to raise $54,500 to finance the processing, coding, hosting, cushioning and other activities associated with the application.

The app allows the users to engage each other in unlimited discussion, it features reviews systems, chartrooms and free for all forums. Users will no longer have to rely on forums which are aimed at promoting books; rather they will get genuine reviews and opinions based on other readers as well as authors. While appealing for pledges, the project lead and designer, Marvin Cheung said that book enthusiasts will no longer have to depend on subjective review platforms to get a decent book. He added that Otterseye has made accessing quality content easy, where users can get books that will add value without sacrificing the conversation.

“The books that users will find on the social media platform are page turners, convenient reads and fun,” said Liz Ellis, a co founder who also sums up as a consultant and book critic.

The app allows the user to find books which are relevant as well as what other consider as latest find. It will also be easy to find the latest release with the favorite author.

With the app, all that one has to do is create own profile, this will allow publishing of status, book reviews and have a curated list of followers. The app allows connection with friends and other book enthusiasts. It also allows following of favorite authors, create and join book clubs as well as access and engage in discussions forums.

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Delta Rigging & Tools Receives Distributor Excellence Award From Harrington Hoist, Inc.

Houston, TX – 28 August, 2017 – Delta Rigging & Tools, Inc. is one of the biggest suppliers and sellers of wire rope, lifting and hoist apparatus equipment both locally and globally to the energy and infrastructure industries.

Delta Rigging & Tools Receives Distributor Excellence Award From Harrington Hoist, Inc

Harrington Hoist awarded Delta Rigging & Tools with the 2016 Distributor Excellence Award which solidifies the partnership between the two companies. 

Harrington’s Outstanding Distributor of the Year is selected on various criteria. Winners must be a top performing company with positive growth and be a dedicated partner. Harrington Sales Representatives begin the process by nominating one distributor in their territory by submitting a summary on all aspects of their nominee’s growth and activities related to Harrington Hoist, Inc.

Harrington’s management then evaluates the nominations and reviews the sales numbers against the previous year to select the winner of the fiscal year Outstanding Distributor of the Year Award.

Delta Rigging and Tools goal is to become the largest and most diverse distributor of Harrington Hoist’s, Inc. products.  To get more information on Harrington Hoist, contact Delta Rigging and Tools here

About Delta Rigging & Tools

Founded in December, 2004, Delta Rigging & Tools continues to grow rapidly through a combination of acquisitions and Greenfield start-ups.  Delta Rigging & Tools focuses on providing its customers with the highest possible levels of Safety, Service, Quality and Value.  

Additional information on Delta Rigging & Tools can be found at

125 McCarty, Houston, Texas, 77029, 1-800-972-1041

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Los Angeles, CA – August 29, 2017 – In a bold and innovative move that underscores its role as a leader in social enterprise, Stop Stuff™ is launching a nine city Stop Stuff™ Vanguard Tour. Cities include Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, D.C., Detroit, Los Angeles, Miami, NYC and Philadelphia.  The kick off will take place in Los Angeles at 825 E. 3rd Street in the L.A. Arts District with the help of Shinola. With the help of We Work, the second stop is scheduled for October 19, 2017 in Miami.

Registration is now open for all cities at:

“We are thrilled to present the sexiest and most diverse innovators ever assembled to share their ingenuity, experience and expertise on changing the world”, says Seanne N. Murray, Esq., the founder of Stop Stuff™.  “Understanding that change requires multi-faceted and multi-sensory approaches is vital to solution building and tangible results.”

The Stop Stuff™ Vanguard celebrates avant guard innovators, who Seanne calls, “the beautiful people”.  The panels includes an Ivy League lawyer turned fitness model and activist (Shaka Smith), an award winning motivational speaker (Michael Maitre), a star paraplegic hip hop dancer and advocate from the days of N.W.A. (Auti Angel), an award winning documentarian who’s graced the cover of over 100 men’s fitness magazines (Sebastian Siegel), a former NFL player who wasn’t drafted, but got in on sheer will (Paul Pratt), and invited musical guest (Damon Elliot/Nomad), a multi-platinum award winning music producer, to name a few.

“Changing the world is serious, sexy and smart,” says Seanne.  “The Stop Stuff™ Vanguard Tour is designed to stimulate all the senses.  The main ingredient is revealing how incredible it is to participate in the process and how amazing it feels to take action rather than just talk.”  Each location is selected based on vibe.  Guests enter with the soulful sounds of local singers and are entertained by lively hosts that make the space pulse with positive energy.  The panelists go in deep, sharing their personal struggles and achievements.  This tour isn’t about bragging, but about enlightening, uplifting, communicating and recognizing that we all have the power to be ourselves and change the world.  “Each panel member has been selected based on their story, their ability to share it and their desire to get others so hyped about life that we all leave invigorated, energetic and ready to be the change we talk about”, says Seanne.  The tone is conversational and interactive so that the participants can be sure to get what they need and what they came for.

Registration is only $20 per person and free to owners of Stop Stuff™ gear.  Space is limited and registration is required for all.  To learn more about the Stop Stuff™ Vanguard Tour, explore our website ( and follow us on Instagram @stopstuffsnm. 

To apply for media credentials, please contact Tracy Uneberg, [email protected].

About Stop Stuff™:

In 2002, Seanne N. Murray, Esq. experienced the horror of terrorism as a 9/11 survivor and also the purest love and unity she’s ever known in the aftermath. 

15 years later, wanting to help others experience that oneness and committed to changing the world, she left everything behind and founded Stop Stuff™.

Stop Stuff™ is an American, action oriented, social enterprise and media conglomerate with interests in apparel, technology, visual media, live events and social franchising.

For more information, contact:

Instagram: stopstuffsnm

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Thousands Alongside Whoopi Goldberg Tune Into Psychic Medium Broadcast

On Sunday, August 20th, 2017 at 1pm Eastern Time Matt Fraser The Television Medium took thousands of fans and followers LIVE as he held his ‘Medium with a Message’ show in Sturbridge Massachusetts. During the group reading Facebook viewers watched with amazement as Matt walked the room and helped person after person contact their loved ones who have passed away.

Hundreds on emojis flooded the Facebook feed as the audience reacted to the emotional readings that Matt gave throughout the afternoon. One of those people viewing LIVE was Whoopi Goldberg who excited Matt’s fans when she tuned in to support the broadcast. Many fans were writing “Hi Whoopi” and comparing Matt to Oda Mae the famous psychic that Whoopi portrayed in the all time supernatural thriller “Ghost”.

During the first 30mins of the broadcast the room was filled with tears and laughter as Matt helped a man connect with his father who passed away unexpectedly on life support. Matt had told him “Your Dad said you made the right decision” and that the man’s father was with his dog that has passed away just two days before his birthday. Hearts were heavy when tears filled the man’s eyes and he was able to feel the comfort of knowing that his father was at peace. Message after message was delivered LIVE including one to a young woman who was searching for answers over her friend’s suicide. At the end of the reading Matt comforted intimate details that gave her peace.

The Sturbridge event that was originally supposed to be held on Sunday July 30th, but had to be rescheduled after Matt announced that his girlfriend Alexa Papigiotis the current reigning Miss RI Teen USA would be competing nationally for the crown. To make it up to fans, Matt surprised the audience at the August event with having Alexa walk out on stage with her crown to say “thank you” and to announce to fans the big news. She won Miss Congeniality 2017! Fans applauded and stopped to take pictures with the couple after the event had ended. When asked about what’s to come next Alexa sees herself opening up her own clothing brand. She said in an interview on Sunday “Miss RI Teen USA was a dream come true, it has given me the foundation to do what I love, working in fashion. I have already been designing clothes, and my first customer is Matt! I just designed a tee-shirt line for him that will be released in the next week”. As for Matt he ended the night by stating“ Today’s event was incredibly healing for so many. To have Whoopi tune in was the biggest compliment of all. “Ghost” continues to be one of my all time favorites. Today was the first day Alexa and I have had a public appearance together. I know that in the future there will be more to come.”

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August 28, 2017 Konsyg is an outsourcing sales as a service company that works with technology companies to assist them in developing sustainable revenue for their businesses. They have key arrangements all through Asia-Pacific, Europe and North America to offer for their clients with prepared field and in-house sales groups. They are using this medium to invite US based technology companies to use their service to help expand their business to Asia or serve as an outsources sales extension of their business.

It is difficult for companies to maintain their revenue due to deficiently building entangled and costly in-house deal capacities. As sales pipelines are the bloodstream of every organization, Konsyg is here to help technology organizations that are seeking to apply more vitality to their businesses and want to experience a rapid growth in their sales objectives.

Konsyg has a global sales team that is assigned to carry out the sales functions of their clients within any region. They are responsible for developing the sales procedure while giving frameworks to scale-able revenue strategies.

The company’s COO in Thailand, Joe Flaten said, “Konsyg’s purpose is to relieve the stress of sales for tech firms so that businesses can focus on their products and services. Konsyg sits as a sales force that serves as a full functioning dedicated sales service provider for its clients”. In another statement by the company’s founder, William Gilchrist, confirmed that Konsyg directly manages the sales team of their client’s overseas presence. “We act as a “shadow sales team and will be on the on-Demand sales presence for any technology and I’ll be able to develop and execute sales needs at scales”.

For more information, visit:

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World Laparoscopy Hospital Is Offering A Wide Range Of Courses In Minimal Access Surgery

Based In India & UAE, The Institute Is World’s Most Advanced Laparoscopic Training Center & It Takes Great Pride In Training The Medical Professionals From All Across The World

August 28, 2017 – World Laparoscopy Hospital has announced that it is offering the world’s most advanced laparoscopic training. The non-profit is a super specialty academic medical institute that integrates clinical and hospital care with research and education in Minimal Access Surgery. The Laparoscopic Surgery Training Courses offered by the institute help thousands of patients around the world and these courses include fellowship as well as diplomas to the professionals of beginner, intermediate and expert levels.

“The Laparoscopic surgery training course is created and designed at the institute in a manner that, after this laparoscopic surgery training program is completed, surgeons, gynecologists and urologists will be able to do all the taught laparoscopic surgery on their own.” said the spokesperson of World Laparoscopy Hospital while talking about the course offered. “The Laparoscopic training starts on the 1st of every month in Delhi, India and on the 25th of every month in Dubai, UAE.” he added.

In addition, the duration of the Laparoscopic ranges from a 2 week fellowship to a 4 week fellowship or a diploma in Minimal Access Surgery in India or a 1 week fellowship in Minimal Access Surgery in Dubai. Besides the beginners and intermediate professionals, the course is also offered for the expert General Surgeons, Gynecologists, Urologists or Pediatric Surgeons. The training locations are situated in Delhi and Dubai, where professionals from all around the world participate keenly to gain immense benefits from the training offered.

WLH was established in 2001 as a center of excellence aimed at providing advanced surgical treatment through minimal access surgery. The center also offers a master’s degree in Minimal Access Surgery that has one year duration. A doctors’ hostel is also offered and more details about the courses, visa, appointments for patients and fee are available on the website of the institute. Furthermore, the interested participants can easily apply online on the website of the institute and learn from the best of the best professionals in the world of medical sciences.

For more information and admissions, please visit:

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Guize Face FX launches Kickstarter Campaign for its All in One Makeup!

Now Seeking Community Support via Kickstarter, the Contour Powder Collection has Been Created to Enhance Beauty like Never Before!

Great news has arrived for the women worldwide as Guize Face FX has announced that it has proudly manufactured its amazing contour powder collection that serves as an all in one makeup. The company has perfected this collection with a specially customized formula that works amazing with different skin complexions.

In addition, the contour power collection also seamlessly creates four stunning face effects for your day and night makeup: Lift, Shape, Bask and Shine. The creators of this glamorous makeup collection have decided to seek community support on the crowdfunding platform of Kickstarter and they are welcoming everyone to generously support the project.

Guize Face FX is a smart, pioneering concept in facial contouring and it is more than just a contour and a highlight kit. Moreover, it is the one stop solution for all the highlighting, contouring, bronzer and shimmering needs of women of all kinds of facial complexions. One of the most amazing features of this contour powder collection is that it creates an ultra-smooth, matte finish and the powder blends effortlessly.

For all the beautiful women from around the world, following are some of the greatest features of this amazing make up solution:

  • Blends with Ease

  • Lasts Longer

  • Minimizes Waste

  • Matches the Complexion

  • Can be Applied Anywhere

  • Creates a Sharper Face

  • No Animals Harmed for Manufacturing

The Kickstarter Campaign is located on the web at: and supporters from around the world can back this project by making pledges and donations starting from $1. Each pledge offers a great reward with insured shipping to United States and Canada.

About This Project

Guize Face FX has created this amazing all in one make up solution with its contour powder collection. For women of all age groups and all kinds of complexion, the revolutionary collection will work magically and it comes with several great features and benefits. The creators of this amazing project have also announced that they are welcoming everyone to help them raise funds on Kickstarter and get this amazing make up solution as a reward.

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Advanced Technologies : Global Contract Logistics Market Size, Status and Forecast 2022 – DB Schenker Logistics, Nippon Express, C.H. Robinson Worldwide & UPS Supply Chain Solutions

Recent Growth and the current scenario as well as future market potential of ” Size and Share of Contract Logistics Market in Global Industry : Insights, Development, Research and Forecast 2017-2022 ” globally.

This report studies the global Contract Logistics market, analyzes and researches the Contract Logistics development status and forecast in United States, EU, Japan, China, India and Southeast Asia. This report focuses on the top players in global market, like
DHL Supply Chain & Global Forwarding
Kuehne + Nagel
DB Schenker Logistics
Nippon Express
C.H. Robinson Worldwide
UPS Supply Chain Solutions
CEVA Logistics
Expeditors International of Washington
Toll Holdings
J.B. Hunt (JBI, DCS & ICS)
Hitachi Transport System
XPO Logistics
Yusen Logistics

Get PDF for more Professional and Technical insights @

Market segment by Regions/Countries, this report covers
United States
Southeast Asia

Market segment by Type, Contract Logistics can be split into
Value-added Services
Lead Logistics Provider Services/4PL

Market segment by Application, Contract Logistics can be split into
Consumer Goods

Make an Enquiry about TOC @

Table of Contents

1 Industry Overview of Contract Logistics
1.1 Contract Logistics Market Overview
1.1.1 Contract Logistics Product Scope
1.1.2 Market Status and Outlook
1.2 Global Contract Logistics Market Size and Analysis by Regions
1.2.1 United States
1.2.2 EU
1.2.3 Japan
1.2.4 China
1.2.5 India
1.2.6 Southeast Asia
1.3 Contract Logistics Market by Type
1.3.1 Transportation
1.3.2 Warehousing
1.3.3 Value-added Services
1.3.4 Lead Logistics Provider Services/4PL
1.3.5 Other
1.4 Contract Logistics Market by End Users/Application
1.4.1 Consumer Goods
1.4.2 Healthcare
1.4.3 industrial
1.4.4 elements
1.4.5 Food,Groceries
1.4.6 Automotive
1.4.7 Technological
1.4.8 Retailing
1.4.9 Other

2 Global Contract Logistics Competition Analysis by Players
2.1 Contract Logistics Market Size (Value) by Players (2016 and 2017)
2.2 Competitive Status and Trend
2.2.1 Market Concentration Rate
2.2.2 Product/Service Differences
2.2.3 New Entrants
2.2.4 The Technology Trends in Future

Browse Report @

3 Company (Top Players) Profiles
3.1 DHL Supply Chain & Global Forwarding
3.1.1 Company Profile
3.1.2 Main Business/Business Overview
3.1.3 Products, Services and Solutions
3.1.4 Contract Logistics Revenue (Value) (2012-2017)
3.1.5 Recent Developments
3.2 Kuehne + Nagel
3.2.1 Company Profile

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JeepLand concept coming to Centerville

Performance Jeep Centerville is the second 100% Jeep Lifestyle Center in the United States

CENTERVILLE, OH – 28 Aug, 2017 – Performance Automotive Network is opening the second location in the nation for the JeepÒ brand’s new 100% Jeep Retail Centers early next month in Centerville, Ohio. The store represents a new approach to retail facilities by Fiat Chrysler America (FCA) and its highly popular Jeep Division. The new dealership, Performance Jeep Centerville, is part of the Performance Automotive Network headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, and will focus on providing a complete Jeep lifestyle experience, offering new and pre-owned Jeep vehicles, outfitting and accessories, Jeep vehicle customization, Jeep branded merchandise and apparel, and Jeep Guides…dedicated product and service experts experienced in the Jeep brand and lifestyle. The facility will also be known as JeepLand because of its exclusive focus on the Jeep experience.

“For many Jeep owners, their choice of a Jeep vehicle is a lifestyle choice. We felt that a separate 100% Jeep focused retail facility would enhance their shopping and ownership experience.  Performance Jeep Centerville will provide that focused yet comprehensive Jeep experience,” said Shane Dever, Director of Operations, Cincinnati/Dayton Market, Performance Automotive Network.

The new lifestyle facility is nearing completion at 6950 Loop Road, Centerville, Ohio at the corner of Loop Road and Alex-Bell Road near the Loop Road Auto Mall. The facility is scheduled to open for business the first week of September and employ about 20 associates, most coming from Performance Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM Centerville at 95 Loop Road.

Performance Jeep Centerville plans to enhance the lifestyle center concept by staging events for all types of Jeep owners and enthusiasts. This will include not only Jeep vehicle based activity, but also events related to other areas of interest Jeep owners share.

“We’re excited that Centerville was chosen for the first 100% Jeep Experience location east of the Rocky Mountains. We think customers will like the approach and focus to deliver the total Jeep experience…whether they are off-road enthusiasts or just appreciate how Jeep vehicles fit their active lifestyle,” added Matt Cattran, General Manager, Performance Jeep Centerville. 

The company is planning a grand opening on September 23, 2017.

About Performance Automotive

Performance Automotive Network is a family-owned business operating for over 40 years. Ranked as a top 50 volume dealership group in United States for 2016 by Automotive News, Performance operates facilities in the greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Dayton area, the Central Ohio Columbus area, and the greater Salt Lake City area. The new Jeep location brings the Group’s total number of franchised new car dealership locations to 17. The group also operates a MotorSports dealership for motorcycles and ATVs, and several state-of-the-art collision repair facilities. Brands carried by the group include Lexus, Toyota, Honda, Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram, Chevrolet, Buick, Ford, Lincoln, as well as Honda Powersports.   

Jeep is a registered trademark of FCA US LLC.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Larry Newcomer at 513-707-1216 or email at [email protected]

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PRODJEM: An Innovative Protective Cover for Djembe launches Kickstarter Campaign!

Now Seeking Community Support via Kickstarter, The Protective Cover will Protec the Favorite Instrument of Djembe to keep it Safe & Useful!

A lot of people use the musical instrument of djembe as a table to put their ashtray or glass of wine on. This is a frequent practice in parties and campfires and this practice ends up damaging the drum skin of the instrument. To prevent that from happening and to protect one of the most celebrated party instruments in the world, ProDjem has been launched.

ProDjem is a protective covering that shields the top of the djembe and effectively transforms it into a coffee table or a stool. People can therefore not only enjoy the aesthetic beauty of the instrument but can also sit on it or use it as a table without damaging its sensitive skin. Therefore, the creators of this amazing cover have announced that they are seeking community support on Kickstarter to raise funds for this remarkable and one of a kind protective shield.

The goal of this project is to raise CA $18000 and the creators have designed the ProDjem in three sizes that are most commonly used in djembes worldwide. Moreover, they have designed it with several features that ensure the strength, durability and practicality of the cover. They are now welcoming everyone to help them in meeting their goals and they will offer the covering with worldwide shipping so that anyone from around the world can participate in the backing process.

The Kickstarter Campaign is located on the web at: and supporters from around the world can back this project by making pledges that can range from $10 to $350 or more. Each pledge offers a great reward and the latter pledge offers 10 ProDjem units as a reward.

About ProDjem

ProDjem is an innovative covering for the celebrated musical instrument of djembe. The creators of this amazing and useful covering have announced that they are raising funds via Kickstarter to start the production of this cover and they are welcoming everyone from around the world to participate in the process by making pledges and donations. 

Media Contact
Company Name: ProDjem
Contact Person: Thibaud Sibuet
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Phone: 418-598-7845
Address:306 De L\’Église
City: Saint-Jean-Port-Joli
State: Québec
Country: Canada