Ningbo DSW International Co. Ltd with ISO 9001:2008 and Advanced Plastic Injection Molds Are Used By Worldwide Clients

DSW registered capital is 11,000,000RMB, Since 1998, DSW has more than 1600 customers. Last year, DSW finished more than USD 20,000,000 sale volume. The company has a factory building 11,000 square meters. The China based company has become a leader in the field of plastic injection molds, selling plastic molded, like PP Cap and spout, wipe lid products, packing products, pipe fitting, pump accessories, etc.

China has been put on the map as a market leader in the world of advanced plastic injection thanks to Ningbo DSW International Co. Ltd. The company which offers low-cost tooling tool design, rapid prototyping services, and Precision Forging is attracting attention from all over the world for their quality services, products, and affordable prices.

DSW International Co., Ltd which is a company based in China and established in 1998 is helping to transform the manufacturing industry. The company offers a wide range of plastic injection, which includes die casting, mold, aluminum, PP pipe fitting mould, micro moulding, and progressive dies for customers in China and around the world.

The company which has its own manufacturing unit with the latest machines can provide affordable products and services. It has grown from a small company back in 1998 to a world leader, and can now meet the demands of its customers from around the world no matter how big that order is. One area the company specializes in is the production of PVC pipe fitting molds, and tool boxes.

A spokesman for Ningbo DSW International Co. Ltd said: “With our highly-trained team, and our high-quality products and services, we continue to increase our client base on a weekly basis.”

As a world leader, the company supplies customers all around the world including Turkey, UK, Italy, USA, Russia, and Argentina.

To learn more about Ningbo DSW International Co. Ltd, and why they have become a world leader in Plastic & Mould production, please visit

About Ningbo DSW International Co. Ltd

Established in 1998, DSW Plastic & Mould has specilized in making plastic injection mold,micro moulding,aluminum die casting,progressive dies for oversea customers with using CNC Maching Cneters, CNC Lathes as well as some software such as CAD/CAE/CAM and so on. Satisfied the customers with our excellent quality of product, reasonable price, perfect service after sale.

Media Contact
Company Name: Ningbo DSW International Co. Ltd (Die, Plastic & Mould)
Contact Person: Mrs. Elsie Woo – Sales Manager
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +86 (574) 27861869 27861849
Address:Rm1301-1302 No.5 Oriental Commercial Center, Xingning road
City: Ningbo City
Country: China

Can the English teach Americans entrepreneurship

One company thinks they can – and it’s FREE.

The British may once again try to invade America. But this time, it’s a bunch of English business pros, who want to help American entrepreneurs – live the American dream.

Business School Popup will be holding free, week-long, classes in across the U.S. The first class will be in Longmont, CO. The PopUp Business School will teach students how to:

            * Start a business with no money, no debt

            * Build a website for free

            * Find and sell to customers quickly

            * Make money doing what you love

            * All without cumbersome business plans

“Over 42% of people made their first sale at recent workshop,” co-founder Alan Donegan said. “Running the event on Main Street allows us to setup quickly and reach new customers testing ideas immediately.”

Knowing how to generate sales and having an online presence, often holds people back from starting a business. Most small business fail to generate enough revenue to sustain the business long term. Who wants to leave their 9-5 job only to work 9-9 struggling with marketing. A lot of people have a passion – something they love to do – but they lack the sales engine to make that passion a profitable business.

Business School Popup is unique, instead using debt to start a business, it teaches sales based startup methods.  If you sell first, you can generate the revenue to build a business; if you borrow money you are taking a huge risk. The biggest killer of small businesses is cash flow – and the lack of it.

“Wow!! Amazing you guys are awesome. I made two sales on day one of the Popup Business School,” Jeff (Erbie The Clown) said.  “My web site is going from strength to strength, my twitter account has 17 followers already and I had one customer book me.”

It’s results like this that caused the Business School Popup to come to America after seven successful years in the UK.

Often people have a number of business ideas, so the Business School Popup also helps students focus on the right business idea. And the best ways to execute that idea.

“Excellent advice and information to inspire your choice of business,” Leyla, of Newport stated. “They gave me encouragement and confidence to believe in my business.”

The Robin Hood Business model enables Business School Popup to be free for entrepreneurs. 

The school finds people with money (sponsors), then gives the event to people need the help.

Business School Popup started by focusing on helping the people that need it the most to get going.  Primarily supporting unemployed people and disadvantaged communities in the UK, Popup Business School wants to bring their Robin Hood Business model to America.

This video shows the first week’s activities:

Video Link:

For more info about the Business School Popup, and to learn when an event is in your area, visit:

The sponsors are successful businesses – unlike many general business classes – everyone involved understands running a successful business.

Sponsors include: – Financial Freedom Through Badassity (yes, that how it’s spelled) – The Best Web Hosting Starting at $3.95/month* – Learn Web Design, Coding & Much More

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Company Name: Business School Popup
Contact Person: James Headspeath
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +44 7706 739 178
Country: United Kingdom

HiMama Child Care App Releases Staff Management Product

Childcare software offers new management feature for child care administrators

13 Sep, 2017 – HiMama, a child care software company with a social purpose that connects hundreds of thousands of working parents with their children in preschool, now also supports leaders in early childhood education with the release of its new staff management product.

HiMama is a leading technology provider in the early learning sector. The social enterprise supports child care organizations in their daily operations through streamlining processes, connecting educators with families and improving the quality of early childhood programming.

“As a technology company, we believe that improving outcomes for children means supporting educators and administrators in their daily tasks,” says Ron Spreeuwenberg, CEO of HiMama. “This feature has been highly requested from child care directors that we work with as they want a centralized system to help them keep track of ratios, teacher attendance and staff profiles.  The consensus is that saving time on repetitive administrative tasks translates to more time that can be invested into mentorship and professional development.”

Apart from supporting educators with its technology, HiMama is an advocate for supporting leaders in early childhood education.  The company does this through providing accessible online resources such as articles on staff engagement, research projects like the 2017 Child Care Benchmark Report and podcasts with notable leaders in the field – the company recently interviewed Patti Clark, Vice President of Product Development at Lakeshore Learning on her career journey.  

“The biggest challenge of being in a childcare setting is time,” says Katelyn Vickers, Registered Early Childhood Educator and Community Advisor at HiMama. “Many centers still operate using dated and inefficient systems and that’s a huge timesink.  One of the reasons I joined HiMama was because I saw a change coming in the technology that centers were bringing on to improve daily processes and knew that I had to become part of this movement. The time saved is truly helpful in helping educators focus on the meaningful work like building relationships with children and their families as well as professional development.”  

The HiMama Staff Management Product is now available for existing and new HiMama customers. 

To learn more about HiMama, follow the HiMama Childcare and Preschool Blog and The Preschool Podcast or book a customized online demo.

About HiMama:

HiMama is a leading provider of documentation and parent communication apps to the child care sector. HiMama apps enable leading child care, preschool, and early learning programs to build stronger relationships with their families and streamline operations. HiMama is based in Toronto, Canada.

Media Contact
Company Name: Hi Mama Inc
Contact Person: Carmen Choi
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +1 437 887 4812
Address:1920 Yonge Street, Suite 200
City: Toronto
State: ON
Country: Canada

Celebrity Ghostwriter & Book Publishing Expert Launches Masterclass to Help Aspiring Writers Become Published Authors

Ardre Orie, celebrity ghostwriter and book publishing expert.
Chicago-based celebrity ghostwriter and book publishing expert Ardre Orie has just launched a new book publishing Masterclass that she believes will help aspiring writers become published authors.

Zoey Thompson, Features Editor

Chicago, IL – When Ardre Orie was composing stories at the age of ten for her classmates at her local elementary school she dreamed of someday becoming a published author. Fast forward a few years and several Amazon hot sellers later, Orie is now teaching other authors how it’s done. In her class Orie builds upon a catalog of work that includes ghostwritten novels and those marketed under her own name to inspire authors to tell their stories ways to publish them for the modern market. The multi-hyphenate media maven knows what she’s talking about when it comes to publishing. Not only is she a writer and book author, but Orie is also the CEO and founder of 13th and Joan, a book publishing, and branding consultancy based in Chicago, Illinois. Orie was encouraged by friends and clients to take the knowledge she has gained in the publishing world and develop it into an educational format. Beginning in the fall of 2017, The Author’s Masterclass will go on the road, its first stop in Atlanta, Georgia.

“I am so happy that our first class will be held in Atlanta,” says Orie. “I love Atlanta. It is a city filled with highly talented, creative people.  It has a vibrant film scene and some of my very favorite authors live in Atlanta or have come from that region. There is so much talent there just waiting to be amplified. With this class I intend to take what I have learned as a successful author and publisher and share that knowledge with others so that they, in turn, can transform their messages and stories into published works to share with the world.”

According to Orie, the course is perfect for writers who have not yet published or sold their first book, but it is also meant for those individuals and entrepreneurs who want to use publishing as a way to establish themselves as an expert in their field. She explains that writing a book is similar to having a Ph.D. in the eyes of the public. People view authorship as a sign of credibility and initiative.  As a ghostwriter, Orie has written several books for business and thought leaders in order to help brand them as subject matter experts in their field and to further promote their careers.

“The title of ‘author’ is still a prestigious accolade in twenty-seventeen,” she says.  “When you are looking at a business and considering where to put your money, you are more inclined to do business with a published author in their respective business or on a specific topic. You intuitively look at them as having more expertise in that field. People know at the very least you are devoted enough to a subject to spend months researching and writing a book about it.”

Books are also a great way to earn passive income. According to Orie “ordinary people” are making between $2 and $4k a month selling books on Amazon and many other distribution channels. Beyond using self-publishing as a tool to create credibility and passive income, it is also a way to put unique and important stories out into the world. Orie cites her work with ABC’s Shark Tank winner Raven Thomas (“The Painted Pretzel”) as being an incredibly important story for people to read about. Thomas was the first Black female to receive funding on Shark Tank.

“Storytelling inspires people to take action in their lives and empowers them to know that they can overcome obstacles,” she says. “Whether it is a true story or fiction, we use books as a source of influence in our lives. I encourage everyone with a story to get out there and tell it.”

The Masterclass so far has six dates in major cities across the US. For those who cannot attend in those cities, 13th and Joan also offers consulting services. For more information, visit:

Media Contact
Company Name: 13th & Joan Publishing House
Contact Person: Ardre Orie
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 813-448-4385
Country: United States

THE Auction Depot Poised To Become Largest Online Consignment Auction Portal

Royse City, TX – Household, estate and antique items; electronics; business liquidations; repossessions, and downsizers: they have all found their home on THE Auction Depot. The newly-established online auction and consignment portal has drawn the attention of millions of bidders hailing from all around the nation, who have pounced on the opportunity to either acquire or sell various used items, at unbeatable price points.

THE Auction Depot accepts all kinds of consignments, from all over the country, which include, but are not limited to, items left behind as a result of renovations or moving; overruns, overstocks and outdated/obsolete equipment, as well as general merchandise.

Effectively eliminating the safety risk posed by garage sales or meeting with complete strangers in order to sell one’s items, THE Auction Depot utilizes state-of-the art auction software, which offers a smooth selling and buying experience, while maximizing sellers’ profit margins, to a degree which would otherwise be unattainable through traditional selling. Furthermore, THE Auction Depot provides asset disposal service for most businesses, thus taking the hassle out of dealing with items that are to be put for sale.

“We have enjoyed great success with clients that needed to liquidate an estate, who told us how they not only found selling with THE Auction Depot to be really easy, but that they also made far more money than the amount they initially expected” said Mr. Edward Dicker, THE Auction Depot’s media representative.

He continued, “We’ve also had clients with what we call “cash in the attic” situations, where they needed to de-clutter – desperately. Through consigning their unwanted items with THE Auction Depot, they cut down on the time and effort it took to get rid of redundant stuff, while they were also able to make some money out of items they would have otherwise disposed of.”

Those interested in consigning their items with THE Action Depot can find out more information on the process through visiting THE Auction Depot website.

To learn more about THE Auction Depot, please visit:

Media Contact
Company Name: THE Auction Depot
Contact Person: MaKayla Hashman
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 888-758-3870
Address:231 W. Highline Drive
City: Royse City
State: TX 75189
Country: United States

Teenager creates next big social networking app for local areas

18-year-old Austin Wright has created LocoLingo, one of the most engaging and unique social apps we’ve seen so far. This localized social app lets users connect to the people and things within their local vicinity. LocoLingo has built up a lot of talk and following and will be released within the next two months. The app basically allows users to socially interact with each other based off of some of the top apps like Snapchat and Instagram.

“We saw it as more of fixing the problem that there is no localized social platform for people to use to interact with the people around them through the internet. However, once we got things going, we were fixing the problem and creating a unique app at the same time.” stated the 18-year-old founder of LocoLingo, Austin Wright. “We realized there really wasn’t an app that lets users connect to their local area, and localized social networking was long overdue. With LocoLingo, users can easily connect to the people, events, parties, and more right in their local area. We strive to create an app that allows users to engage with each other in dynamic and real-time ways. We anticipate launching our app into college campuses and large cities as LocoLingo will be extremely useful in places like these. Our app will be very fast paced and based off real-time posts and actions. We see it being very popular for high schoolers and college students.

On LocoLingo users can post real-time taken photos and videos that will be viewable by other users for 24 hours before they are deleted. Other users can seamlessly browse through their feed to see what people are posting and showing to the other users around them. On the app, all users must take live photos whether its posting to the live feed or in a chat. On LocoLingo, users can chat each other in a very unique way where each message has its own 24-hour time period and once 24 hours have passed the messages they’ve sent will disappear. The app is all about posting and interacting with other posts for your localized area which allows you to stay in the social loop with just the people around you. It is based on capturing real-time photos and being able to see everything that is going on or happened right around you. This will be great for a place like a college campus where it allows the entire campus of students to now stay socially connected to each other.

Overall, LocoLingo is just a well-rounded social app all based on creating localized social connections and connecting to your local area to see what’s going on, or what happened. LocoLingo is still being developed, and make sure to refer to their website to check out recent updates and content. This is one of the most intriguing apps we’ve seen yet with an amazing story behind it. Stay tuned for a highly anticipated social app that will revolutionize the social networking industry.

If you’re looking for the next big social app then this is the one for you. However, it is based on localized connections so this app will be for the people looking to connect with the people in their local vicinity and stay updated with the active social loop.

Media Contact
Company Name: LocoLingo
Contact Person: Austin Wright
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (248) 770-7311
Country: United States

Former alcoholic revamps UK sober coaching industry for celebrities

Dentist and Forbes 2018 entrepreneur to watch Bunmi Aboaba launches The Sober Advantage, a holistic, handholding approach to combat addiction. She combines personal attention, bespoke coping tools and energy healing after her own near-death experience from drinking.

London, United Kingdom – 13 September, 2017 –


THE SOBER ADVANTAGE brings a unique brand of sober coaching, companionship and intervention to the next level in the UK for the first time, after Founder Miss Aboaba decided to use over a decade of sobriety and of supporting others to launch her groundbreaking technique as a business.

By using people’s biology, psychology, social and spiritual life, she believes she has tapped into a way of boosting the impact she can make on an addict’s sobriety – and on their life as a whole.

With spiritual response therapy, crystal healing and by being there for them in their own lives she aims to heal alcoholics and drug addicts from the inside out, after discovering first hand that a person’s happiness and success can only come from within. She uses, “energy healing tools”, to support their sobriety journey and blood tests to advise and support them on their diet to strengthen their constitution for their new life ahead.

Her programme has proved such a hit that she’s been dubbed as an emerging entrepreneur to look out for in 2018 by Forbes magazine, and has endorsements from London addiction treatment centre The Charterhouse Clinic and from clients alike.

Bunmi, 53, from London, said, “I was successful on the outside and scared on the inside. Alcohol helped marry the two until, one day, it didn’t. It just stopped working.

“Failure wasn’t an option for me. I was a professional and a single mum-of two, so I refused to ask for help. In the end it nearly killed me.

“But eventually I came out of the other side, completely turning my life around.

“Suddenly I knew that there would be other successful people who, like me, couldn’t admit defeat and ask for help.

“I wanted to get them through it too. So I came up with the idea for The Sober Advantage.”

She discovered that the service was a hit with professionals, especially in the music industry. She now works with clients including CEOs, entrepreneurs and business leaders.

Miss Aboaba continued: “After nearly losing everything, I found the holistic support that I needed. A decade later I’m sober and I’m happier and more successful than ever.

“The idea of launching this business was the clearest vision that I’ve ever had. Using crystals might sound like a kooky idea to non-believers. But I’m living proof that alternative therapies really can make a difference.

“I’m passionate about helping time-poor professionals struggling with addiction. I give them a coaching service that fits around their schedules and makes an impact in all areas of their lives.”

Obi Unaka, Treatment Director at Charterhouse Clinic, a private residential treatment centre in London treating addictions, behavioural health and wellbeing, said: “Since 2016, around 95% of our patients have been professionals still managing to function in their jobs.

“Celebrities discussing their mental health struggles means professionals feel that they can come forward and seek help too.

“The sober coach is pivotal in the recovery process and challenges faced day to day. Due to her experience, sober coach Bunmi offers ongoing support to the individual in social, employment and other settings, without it being explicitly obvious.”

One Sober Advantage client said: “Bunmi helped me turn my life around after years of drinking and drug taking.

“She coached me and used a variety of energy healing tools, which she taught me to use in my life to alleviate stresses and triggers that had previously led me to drink. Challenging me on my belief systems was my turning point to freedom from addiction.”

The Sober Advantage and clients can pick and mix each of these three services as and when required:

● Sober Companionship: Got an important event coming up? Are you afraid that you won’t be able to cope without a drink? Get extra support with a Sober Companion. A specialist will seamlessly blend in as a friend or a colleague to make sure that you stay away from temptation.

● Sober Coaching: Crafting a schedule to fit around the client’s need, The Sober Advantage provides personal support, guidance and anything else needed post-treatment for extra protection.

● Intervention: The Sober Advantage can make a professional or a personal intervention. This flexibility can greatly increase the chances of success and of the individual actively seeking treatment.

Visit The Sober Advantage for more information:

Contact details

Tel: 07810 753769

Email: [email protected]

Skype: Bunmi_Sober

Linked In:

Media Contact
Contact Person: Bunmi Aboaba
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 07810 753769
Country: United Kingdom

Credit Card Processing Comparison Site Launched For Businesses

A credit card processing comparison site has been launched for businesses, helping those who want to get the best rates. This service, offered by Cube Reviews, is perfect for companies who want to start accepting credit cards from customers or those who already accept credit cards but want a better rate.

More About Cube Reviews

Many people have credit cards today, and use them to make purchases both big and small. Failing to accept credit cards could seriously reduce your profit. However, accepting credit cards could mean having to pay rates through the nose – if you don’t choose the right card processing company, that is.

Cube Reviews aim is to help businesses figure out which credit card processing company is for them. On the comprehensive site, there’s all kinds of information, including:

  • Reviews and comparisons of the most popular processing companies

  • Customer approval ratings

  • Transaction fees

  • Monthly minimums

  • Account setup time

  • And more.

This allows businesses to find a suitable company that they can trust, in order to stay in keeping with a monthly budget. When you use Cube Reviews to compare all of the most popular credit card processing companies out there, you can guarantee you’ll end up with a rate you are happy with.

Cube Reviews doesn’t just focus on credit card processing comparisons either. You can also use this comparison site to find out more about:

  • The best software for phones and computers

  • Best services, including dating sites, background check services, and article content writing services.

  • Best loans, such as car and bad credit.

  • Best fast food franchises.

  • And more.

Cube Reviews is a growing site and aims to continuously add quality content to the site, meaning that businesses and individuals can use the site to get the best deals on anything imaginable. By finding what you want and clicking ‘view entire comparison’ you’ll be able to access all of the information you need and compare the most important data to make the right decision.

Whether you’re a person looking for computer software or a business looking for credit card processing companies, Cube Reviews should be your go-to comparison site.

You can use the information listed below to find out more about Cube Reviews.

Media Contact
Company Name: Cube Reviews
Contact Person: Rob Cuppett
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 801-721-9931
Country: United States

Classic Steuben, Hans Wegner Designs to be Auctioned with Fine Paintings at Michaan’s in September

Bay Area, California Auction House & Estate Liquidators | Michaan’s Auctions
Brilliant art glass and crystal illuminate Michaans September Gallery Auction of Fine Art, Furniture and Decorative Arts, Asian Art and Jewelry on Saturday, September 9.

Alameda, California – September 13, 2017 – Brilliant art glass and crystal illuminate Michaan’s September Gallery Auction of Fine Art, Furniture and Decorative Arts, Asian Art and Jewelry on Saturday, September 9. The energy of the season infuses the auction gallery, where early autumn sunbeams highlight Steuben, Lalique, Baccarat and Daum. Works by international artists and California painters of wide renown, period jewels, and Asian art objects are also featured in this sale of treasures from fine estates.

Michaan’s in September is the perfect place to expand fine decorative art collections. “The best names in glass and crystal were collected for decades by our client,” says specialist Elizabeth Dalton, “and it’s exciting to see so many excellent pieces in a single auction.” Various themes are represented such as “Arctic Exploration” and “Moby Dick” by Steuben (each $7,000-$9,000). The spectacular limited edition “Swan” bowl, also by Steuben, is estimated at $12,000-$15,000. Another art glass stunner is “Las Meninas” by Manolo Valdez for Daum. The bold, stylized figure in a full-skirted formal gown and imposing headdress was inspired by the little girl at the center of one of Western art’s best-known Old Master paintings: “Las Meninas,” Velasquez’s group portrait of the Spanish royal court. Crafted of luminous red amber pâte de verre, it is estimated at $6,000-$9,000. Lalique crystal sculptures include lovely “Venus” and the monumental “Angelique” covered vase, each $6,000-$8,000. Animal lovers will find a pair of cheetahs designed by Loet Vanderveen for Baccarat ($4,000-$6,000), a Steuben Alaskan grizzly bear ($3,000-$5,000) and a pair of Lalique cats 11921-1($600-$800). Also by Lalique: “Le Miroir aux Causeuses” ($4,000-$6,000), from a series of decor pieces featuring graceful nudes.

Fine Art has been exciting at Michaan’s throughout 2017, and September is bound to sustain the momentum with many dynamic paintings from California and beyond. Maurice Logan (1886-1997) was a San Francisco Bay area artist through and through. A top illustrator and widely admired Expressionist painter, Logan taught at Oakland’s California College of Arts and Crafts (now CCA) and exhibited regularly at the Bohemian Club, where he was a member. His oil painting “Totem Pole and Rolls Royce” ($6,000-$8,000) presents “an intriguing juxtaposition of two radically divergent cultural touchstones,” notes Michaan’s Fine Art specialist Susan Paffrath. Contrasting the solemn ancestral icon with the latest shiny pretty thing — deep spiritualism confronting high materialism — the artist finds beauty in both. Logan’s contemporary Carl Sammons (1883-1968), was a plein air painter of impressionistic California landscapes from the Sierras to the sea. Three of his works will be offered in September, their estimates ranging from $1,500-$3,000, a wonderful opportunity for longtime and beginning collectors alike. “Sunny Landscape” by Maurice Braun (1877-1941), another prominent California Impressionist, gorgeously conveys nature’s dreamlike qualities out West; it is estimated at $15,000-$20,000. For collectors of contemporary fine art, a highlight in September is “One” ($10,000-$15,000) by Eric Zener. A superb example of the artist’s masterful photorealism, the work in oil on canvas depicts a couple embracing in a swimming pool. Its composition is energized by the play of light on water and grounded by the connection between the two figures.

Dining suites, cabinetry, lighting, upholstered pieces and handwoven rugs… from iconic designs to one-of-a-kind finds, fine furniture attracts many bidders to Michaan’s monthly Gallery Auctions. September features dramatic Mid-Century Modern Murano glass chandeliers by Mazzega and Venini, classic Hans Wegner dining chairs (teak with woven cord seats, $2,000-$3,000 the suite of eight) and a 1960s Danish Modern teak secretary desk by Arne Wahl Iversen ($500-$700). Alongside these sleek designs sit lavish 19th century gilt bronze furnishings in the style of Louis XV and Louis XVI; the eclectic mix is part of the auction fun. Charming accent pieces include the 19th century European painted gilt sleigh ($1,000-$1,500), scaled to the size of a small child and ready for repurposing by a creative interior designer.

Unique furniture can also be found in the department of Asian Art, where a suite of rosewood armchairs ($4,000-$6,000) features variegated marble plaques as seat backs. The natural veining in the stone creates patterns suggestive of landscapes, maps, or other images conjured by the eyes of the beholder. Also offered are altar tables of Huanghuali and Zitan 11889-29 wood, the latter featuring unusual round insets of painted porcelain plaques on the tabletop ($10,000-$15,000). Fine old Chinese textiles include a large embroidered silk panel depicting Gods of Longevity ($2,000 to $4,000) and a sheer formal summer robe ($400-$600)for a lady, in vivid peacock blue banded by linen embroidered with chrysanthemums and butterflies. Collectors will find porcelain glazed bowls of diverse periods and colors, from Qianlong copper red and lemon yellow to Kangxi blue and Daoguong cafe-au-lait. Among the Japanese antiques, lately rising in the auction market, are the graceful six-panel moriage screen ($3,000-$4,000) and the Edo Period portable shrine, a decorated lacquer case that encloses a figure of the Buddha ($800-$1,200).

September has always been a time when wardrobes are updated, and why should fine jewelry be the exception? Collectors will want to make room in their jewel boxes for auction prizes from Michaan’s: precious period pieces, Native American turquoise and silver, bold gemstones and much more. Stock up on big statement rings with lapis and diamonds ($800-$1,200) or coral ($700-$900). Or choose the rose gold Georgian ring, elliptical in shape and set with diamonds surrounded by cobalt blue enamel ($1,000-$1,500) — an elegant piece, perfect for giving. From the same refined collector, the pair of exquisite Edwardian diamond and enamel bangles is estimated at $3,000-$5,000. The Victorian buckle bracelet transcends its period with subtle chic, crafted of supple gold mesh accented by a single fine diamond ($500-$700). Timepieces to covet include the gent’s Longines “Flagship” automatic wristwatch with luxurious gold mesh band ($1,500-$2,500) and the ladies’ retro diamond-studded white gold Bulova, attractively priced at $400-$600. GIA-certified diamonds and Mason-Kay certified jade jewelry pieces are also offered in September.

For more details visit

Press Office Contact!
Talesa Eugenio
(510) 740-0220 x 116

Gallery Auction
Featuring fine art, decorative arts, Asian art and jewelry
Saturday September 9

September 2, 3, 8 and 9

Michaan’s Auctions
2751 Todd Street
Alameda, CA 94501

Media Contact
Company Name: Michaan’s Auctions
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Address:2751 Todd Street
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Vista Remodeling Provides Fast & Accurate Basement Remodeling Solutions

Bathroom & Basement Remodeling Denver | Vista Remodeling
One of the leading remodeling services, Vista Remodeling offers quality basement remodeling services in a prompt and perfect manner for clients.

Denver, Colorado – September 13, 2017 – Vista Remodeling, a leading remodeling service provider, recently explained that their services are fast and accurate at all times. The company stated that they handle remodeling projects with ease and offer total solutions for basement remodeling in Denver.

A spokesperson for the company stated, “We are indeed pleased to say with confidence that irrespective of our projects importance scales, our works always have been completed professionally and scrupulously. We plead for quality and proficiency in our clients goals and we do everything to help them achieve their creation of a comfortable and safe environment project in their homes.”

Vista Remodeling was incorporated in the year 1999, and specializes in kitchen remodeling, basement remodeling, bathroom remodeling services in Denver, alongside flooring solutions. The goal of the company is to put their clients’ plans and preferences into practice and offer them the best solutions for achieving the desired results in remodeling kitchen, basement and bathrooms.

The company’s remodeling professionals offer an array of basement remodeling services that include reconfiguration of floor plan & installation of flooring solution, painting & wall coverings, plumbing, lighting & electrical services, rerouting utilities, installation of gas water heater, installing windows & skylights and more. The company has successful completed myriad of small, medium and big basement remodeling projects over the years.

“We often come across instances that home owners mostly do not consider the favorable points of renovating their basement that can lift the home equity considerably, and consider their basement is only a place for junks. When we are called for renovation of their basement, we make it a point to enlighten them with the lucrative advantages of spending little budget and deriving maximum benefits,” said the spokesperson.

The remodeling professionals will conduct a thorough and objective analysis of the available space and come up with plans that can maximize the space within budget. They will first analyze the requirements of their clients and offer them renovation ideas that satisfy their budget.

About Vista Remodeling, LLC:

Vista Remodeling is a recognized remodeling service in Denver offering basement, kitchen and bathroom remodeling at competitive prices.

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