Expands Smart Districts to MakeOffices on the East Coast

MakeOffices to deploy Concept Foundry Platform to Build Integrated Coworking Innovation Network

ASHBURN, VA – 11/22/2017 — On Tuesday November 21st, announced the expansion of the Concept Foundry platform into MakeOffices locations extending their reach to 15 sites in 5 States – up the East Coast and all the way to Chicago. will enable MakeOffices to integrate cutting-edge smart city technology across all of their buildings and the surrounding business districts. 

Concept Foundry is a collaboration platform, powered by and is changing how people and businesses work together. By merging technology, AI, marketing and collaborative space, they strive to create the perfect storm for business growth whether it be a Global 2000, Small Medium Enterprise or an Entrepreneur. The Concept Foundry platform provides tools like an AI Sandbox, Deep Learning and Conversational Engine to create, prove and deliver products. Concept Foundry’s flagship location is Innovation Hub at Gramercy District, a private $700+ million Smart City project, located on the Silver Line Metro site in Loudoun County, VA.’s Concept Foundry platform blends perfectly with the MakeOffices coworking environment,” said Zach Wade, chief executive officer at MakeOffices. “Our partnership with will provide state of the art artificial intelligence and collaboration capabilities for our members to innovate and stay relevant in today’s markets.”

MakeOffices delivers turnkey workspaces with flexible leases. Members are part of a vibrant community that regularly interacts through hosted events and networking opportunities. By providing office infrastructure and all-inclusive amenities, members can spend more of their time and money growing their businesses. 

“A crucial aspect of building smart cities is the formation of intelligent highly integrated coworking environments,” says Minh Le, chief executive officer of “By encouraging a hub and spoke model with great partners like MakeOffices, the Concept Foundry platform can create an ecosystem that breeds collaborative innovation and extends into the real world.”

The platform provides a citizen-centric approach that integrates all aspects of life. A few of the platform’s features are a personal assistant to help with everyday chores, a dynamic digital marketing engine for brands to have conversations with their customers, and an artificial intelligence based sandbox for enterprises to test and prove ideas.

“Every aspect of live, work, play and learn is fully integrated into the technology being deployed in the Concept Foundry platform,” says Dave Ladouceur, chief executive officer of “Whether you are finding your next strategic partner or booking a meeting room, one solution powers it all — an AI that adapts to your needs, recommends and finds solutions, and builds relationships through an immersive, simple, and convenient experience.”’s Concept Foundry platform is set to launch across the U.S. in various markets including Colorado, Virginia, Washington D.C., Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Illinois. 

MakeOffices joins Microsoft,, Avaya, Center for Innovative Technology, George Washington University, FedBid and others as continues to expand its technological innovation repertoire.


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About MakeOffices

Founded in 2012 in Arlington, Virginia, MakeOffices is a leading national coworking community that offers flexible, affordable workspace and services for businesses and entrepreneurs. The company operates 12 workspaces across Chicago, Philadelphia, and the Washington, DC metropolitan area, with a flagship location planned for Washington, DC’s Southwest Waterfront neighborhood. For more information, follow on Twitter @makeoffices.

About is a global leader in citizen-centric smart city development and technology. Through their dedication to providing complete, urban technology and education solutions, is revolutionizing every aspect of the way people live. Whether you are a real estate developer, small business, international company, local government, citizen, software developer or student,’s platform offers a full suite of products and tools that empower you to do more. Welcome to The Future of Living™. For more information, visit Follow on Twitter @citylinkai.

About is a growing artificial intelligence company focused on changing the way people interact with their devices by building next-generation technology products. Their innovative platform learns about each citizen and build’s their trust to improve their daily experience, while changing and adapting with them. A holistic approach allows their platform to work for people, buildings, and businesses in nearly any application. With, it is not only about a smart city, it is about intelligent adaptive systems that learn from and with each individual, access information from anywhere and deliver seamless citizen-centric experiences. For more information please visit Follow on Twitter @yourlifeai.

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Women Business Owners Make More Money: Tap Into The Power of A Mastermind Group

LOUISVILLE, KY – 11/22/2017 — Charlene Burke, founder of Search by Burke, is excited to announce a new mastermind group for women business owners: Power of 10: Become More. Achieve More. 

Mastermind Groups are valued by all successful business owners. Women in business especially thrive when they are members of a mastermind group and community. Sharon Lechter wrote Think and Grow Rich for Women to ensure that women understand the value of the success principles as laid out by Napoleon Hill in Think and Grow Rich (and other books focused on success principles). She is an international speaker, entrepreneur, author, and expert on financial literacy and entrepreneurship.

Ali Brown, founder, and CEO of Ali International LLC has created a dynamic enterprise because of applying success principles in her life. 

Mari Smith, social media expert, and spokesperson for Facebook, Animoto, and BeLiveTV, references Napoleon Hill and Think and Grow Rich as the starting point of her success.

Wise Brownie, the first woman to appear on the cover of Business Week Magazine read Think and Grow Rich in poverty.

Dawn Fraser, the first woman to swim 100-meter distance. “Nothing has ever happened before it happens for the first time.” Attributes her success to Think and Grow Rich.

Sandra Day O’Connor, Maya Angelou, Katie Couric, Caroline Kennedy, Madonna, Oprah Winfrey, Margaret Thatcher, Condoleezza Rice, J. K. Rowling, Barbara De Angelis, Marianne Williamson, Angela Merkel, Mary Kay Ash, IBM CEO Ginni Rometty, and more all attribute the practice of success principles in their lives and business as the reason for their success. With most belonging to a mastermind group focused on advising and guiding them through challenges in their businesses and careers.

The Power of 10: Become More. Achieve More. Is a group specifically for women business owners. Any woman who owns the business is welcome! Example ‘titles’ and businesses from previous groups include: Attorney, Financial Planner, Life Coach, Business Coach, Business Consultant, Wealth Manager, Boutique Owner, Stylist, Personal Chef, Designer, Biotech Database Researcher, Author,  Speaker, and more! Meet twice a month in a virtual conference room, access to a private online forum for discussion and sharing of resources, study and apply success principles in personal lives and businesses, participate in helping each other to solve challenges with businesses, and help each other overcome and breakthrough business issues with the result being personal transformation and business success!

The Power of 10: Become More. Achieve More. Mastermind Group for Women Business Owners is limited to 10 women and acceptance into the group is by application and interview only. Learn more and apply at

 “We are thrilled to offer Power of 10: Become More. Achieve More. to those interested in achieving more financial success in their business,” says Charlene Burke, owner of Search by Burke. “This group was designed and developed to help women business owners get focused so that they can transform themselves and their businesses,while belonging to a community that offers support and solutions that will insure they reach their goals.”

 Power of 10: Become More. Achieve More. will help women business owners to:

  • Set a Goal to Make More Money Through Increased Sales and Better Management of Revenue
  • Access to the Knowledge, Expertise, Networks, and Resources of Successful Business Owners
  • Be Laser Focused, Gain Traction, Grow the Business, Be a Part of a Community of Like-Minded Women

Individuals can learn more and join the Power of 10: Become More. Achieve More. Online at


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Williams Kherkher Partner Armi Easterby Appointed as Co-Lead Counsel for Upstream Property Owners flooded by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Operation of the Addicks and Barker Reservoirs

HOUSTON, TX – 11/22/2017 — On November 20, 2017, the Chief Judge for the U.S. Court of Federal Claims (“CFC”) issued an Order appointing Armistead “Armi” Easterby of Williams Kherkher LLP as Co-Lead Counsel for the purposes of conducting pre-trial discovery, dispositive motions, and the trial that will determine whether the Government is liable under the 5th Amendment’s Takings Clause for the Army Corps’ operations of the Addicks and Barker Reservoirs before, during, and after Tropical Storm Harvey. In the Order, Chief Judge Susan Braden indicated that one of the reasons for appointing Easterby as Co-Lead Counsel was “to ensure the interests of individual plaintiffs are represented,” since Williams Kherkher LLP has not filed class action lawsuits.

Dozens of plaintiffs’ lawyers from all over the country submitted applications for these Lead Counsel positions. “We’re deeply honored to have been entrusted with such a critical role for this important case,” stated Easterby, a Williams Kherkher partner who has been licensed in the Court of Federal Claims for nearly 20 years.

Williams Kherkher filed the first individual lawsuit in the CFC on behalf of 10 Upstream residents whose homes were flooded as a result of the Army Corps’ operation of the Addicks and Barker Dams and Reservoirs. Since then, Williams Kherkher has filed additional Complaints on behalf of 295 plaintiffs. Those cases are Abdou v. United States, case no. 17-1786; Ahmad v. United States, case no. 17-1780; Aponiuk v. United States, 17-1798; and Boone v. United States, 17-1805. These lawsuits seek compensation under the 5th Amendment for property damage resulting from the Army Corps’ authorized activities. The alleged damages include the costs to remediate and repair the flood damage, damages associated with diminished real property values, and the costs associated with repairing or replacing flooded personal property, such as furniture and clothing.

Williams Kherkher is accepting more of these inverse condemnation cases and will continue to file additional lawsuits on behalf of property owners affected by the Corps’ authorized actions. Williams Kherkher has created a dedicated website – — for these inverse condemnation cases, which includes FAQs, maps, and other pertinent material, as well as additional information about the Court’s November 20, 2017, Order and upcoming deadlines.

About Williams Kherkher Hart Boundas, LLP

Williams Kherkher is a nationally recognized trial law firm representing clients across the country in mass torts, personal injury, and commercial & environmental litigation. Williams Kherkher has a depth of knowledge and a wealth of resources that few firms can match, which is why the firm has been a trusted name for injured parties for over 25 years, whether that party is an injured individual or a powerful multinational corporation. We pride ourselves on equal commitment and dedication to every client we have.

In addition to fighting on the front lines of the legal battlefield, we at Williams Kherkher work to honor our moral commitment to our clients and our community. Though we never underestimate the importance of recovering financially for our clients, we believe that our unwavering professionalism and strict ethical standards form stronger cornerstones for our practice than any amount of money ever could. For this reason, Williams Kherkher is proud to give back to our community whenever possible. Visit our website at to learn more. 

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myScreenTime Released for the Holidays; the Perfect Gift for a Child Who Loves Digital Playtime

HAMPTON, NJ – 11/22/2017 — Parents, family, and friends scurry from store to store, website to website seeking the perfect holiday gift for that extra special child. myScreenTime, a simple way to manage screen time use, might be the answer if that child loves digital playtime.

There is little doubt children will receive electronic gifts this holiday season. 2017 Gift Guides and Best Gift Lists include many new devices. Some marketed directly for children, like new tablets from Amazon, LeapFrog, and Nabi

Tablets for kids come as no surprise since 42% of children already have their own tablet according to the 2017 study Media Use by Kids Zero to Eight by Common Sense Media. This is a significant increase from 7% just four years ago. It is no wonder the American Association of Pediatrics is asking parents to set time limits.

That makes myScreenTime a great gift for both parent and child. It offers everything a parent needs to manage a child’s recreational screen time, yet it feels like a game to children, who quickly understand how it works and eagerly follow along. 

myScreenTime is designed for ages 4 to 10 and uses brightly colored tokens and fun components to engage the child. It is available in 3 different colors (blue, purple, yellow) and comes with tokens, timer, containers, piggy bank, and a parental handbook with worksheets. 

Backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, myScreenTime is a physical product that does not require technical setup and is not tied to a particular device. This means myScreenTime is ready to use in 2 minutes and tracks time on any device including tablet, computer, smartphone, video game and even TV. Plus, myScreenTime can be used at home, at the babysitter’s, visiting grandma or anywhere.

Corinn Hilbert, developer of myScreenTime and grandmother of its first user, encourages parents with younger children to use a no-tech tool like myScreenTime because “busy parents need easy and children want some control. When you have both, there is willing participation between parent and child and that’s what you need to make it work”.

myScreenTime is not available in stores. It can only be purchased at where limited quantities are available at an introductory price of $24.95 (a $5 savings) through the holidays. For questions or comments, please email [email protected] or call Corinn Hilbert at #908-200-7855.


2017 Common Sense Census: Media Use by Kids Zero to Eight by Common Sense Media

American Association of Pediatrics 2016 Updated Recommendations Announcement

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Dell Black Friday Deals, Coupons & Doorbusters

New 2017 Black Friday offers, discount coupons and doorbusters have been listed on where alert shoppers can save 50% or more.

NEW YORK, NY – 11/22/2017 — The latest online Dell 2017 Black Friday discount coupons have been posted on the site where savvy holiday shoppers can save up to 50% or more. As part of its online Laptop Buyer’s Guide, this 15-year-old small business site offers its followers and subscribers the most current coupons from major retailers such as HP, Apple, Alienware, and Dell.

Around shopping events such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday, companies like Dell, offer excellent bargains on high-quality electronics, laptops, and PCs. However, while free shipping is offered on most items, alert shoppers must realize quantities are limited and the deals – especially the doorbusters – can disappear at any moment.

There may also be other restrictions so holiday buyers should check the official Dell site for complete terms and conditions. Many doorbuster deals are now live and Dell is also running a Weekend sitewide extra 15% off sale on the 25th & 26th of November 2017.

Some of the more eye-catching Dell doorbusters this year – save 50% off Dell WM615 Bluetooth Mouse which retails for $24.99 or get 38% off Dell WK717 Premier Wireless Keyboard which sells for $39.99. Other offers include an Inspiron 14 3000 laptop for just $129.99 and 48% off OptiPlex 3050 Micro desktop for $379.

Laptop deals include saving 40% off the Latitude 3580 business laptop with Intel Core i5 processor and Windows 10 Pro for $579 or receive 46% off the Latitude 15-inch 5580 business laptop with Intel Core i5 processor and Windows Pro for $689.

Desktop bargains include taking 30% off Inspiron Desktop with Intel Core i3 processor, Windows 10 Pro, 8GB memory and 1TB hard drive for $389 and get the XPS Desktop with Intel Core i7 processor, 16GB memory, 1TB hard drive, and Windows 10 Pro for only $669.

Alienware buyers can save $200 on the Alienware 17 gaming laptop with an Intel Core i7 processor, 16GB memory and 256GB SSD which is retailing for $1399.

If past years are any indication, most savvy holiday shoppers will realize Dell releases extra coupons and bargains during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. These latest coupons will be listed on the site as soon as they become available throughout the Holiday Season. Interested buyers should bookmark the site to take full advantage of these savings.

Interested shoppers can find a very comprehensive list on Bizwaremagic’s dedicated Dell Discount Coupons Page located here:  Gamers can check out Alienware discount coupons here: All products/companies mentioned above are registered trademarks of their respective owners and companies.

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Sigma AI showcases Artificial Intelligence innovations at the world’s foremost AI business Confex

NEW YORK, NY – 11/22/2017 — AI is already here. It’s happening in many, if not most industries; its application in the business environment is growing fast. On many estimates, over the next 10 years, enterprise spending on AI technology will increase from $200m to over $50billion.

The AI Summit is the world’s foremost event covering the practical implications of Artificial Intelligence for enterprise organizations and solutions that are transforming business productivity. Taking place in New York, December 5-6, 2017, more than 1000 business CxOs are attending alongside AI start-up innovators, press/media, and acclaimed researchers.

The AI Summit is supported by Sigma AI, founded in 2008 by Dr. Daniel Tapias and headquartered in San Francisco, with a large footprint in Madrid. Sigma’s API and Artificial Intelligence Product, AiCurate™, is helping streamline the way businesses implement AI technologies. Companies no longer need to take on the risks associated with investing in new technologies or installing a dedicated AI team. Instead, Sigma’s outsourced, customizable solutions come with a team of experts, proficient in the use and application of AI technology while organizations can remain the domain experts. Sigma AI can process all forms of unstructured data­–text, audio, image, video and/or biometric from any source in 62 languages. With operations run from their Madrid office, leveraging a team of 2,000 linguists, they can scale based on the size of the project and stay very competitive with pricing.

AI Summit Event Director, George Kipouros, is looking forward to the next event in the AI Summit Series. “AI will drive business growth, and rather than detract from human contribution it will release workers to complete more creative and valuable tasks. The AI Summit New York showcases the world’s top technology innovators and end-users spearheading the fourth industrial revolution.’’

Leading organizations spanning finance, law, healthcare, manufacturing, transport, energy, education and many more are looking to implement the technologies or have already started. 

“AI is being implemented by leading organizations in a broad range of industries and we are very excited to host [sponsor name] alongside key Industry Partners that include Amazon Web Services, DRYiCE, Facebook, Genpact, Google Cloud Platforms, IBM Watson, Microsoft, PwC, Sapient Razorfish, NVIDIA, Intel Saffron and Automation Anywhere.’’ underlines Daniel Pitchford, Commercial Director, The AI Summit. 

The AI Summit, which has an emphasis on networking between delegates and solution providers, provides unique content with speakers offering exclusive insights into the future world of AI-empowered businesses.

The volume of data is so large that it is impossible for businesses operating in the current paradigm to process it, much less understand it and make an effective business decision based off it. Most of it is dark data—so, there is an urgent need to automate these processes. This data is embedded in unstructured text, audio, speech, image, and video inside a myriad of sources and file formats. Extracting relevant information from these data sources requires tools such as natural language processing and understanding, voice recognition, image and video recognition, and biometric identification.” Dr. Daniel Tapias, Founder, nd CEO of Sigma Technologies Global.

To find out more please visit:

The AI Summit New York will be held at Metropolitan West, December 5-6, 2017

For Press & Media Inquiries on Sigma AI please contact:

Steven Piekarczyk

Chief Operating Officer, Co-Founder

Sigma Technologies Global


[email protected]

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Media, Technology and Communication Forum launched with an agenda of 13 training sessions

Al Khamees: We meet with a range of media, communication and technology specialists in three days.
Al Shatti: Intensive training programs are of great importance for developing our awareness, concepts and abilities.
Darwish: Development efforts should be strengthened and expanded in informatics areas and modern technology.

The second edition of Media, Technology and Communication Forum kicked off on November 21-23 at the JW Marriott Hotel in Kuwait under the patronage of HE Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah Al Mubarak Al Sobah, Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs and Acting Minister of Media, Arab Information Forum, the Central Information Technology Agency, the Arab Planning Institute, the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development, the Kuwait Information and Communication Society and the participation of a group of senior officials in the government and private sectors A number of specialists and academics with experience, as well as producers of investors in the communication industry, technology and media at the local and international levels.

         Madhi Al-Khamis, Secretary-General of Arab Media Receiver, said during his speech at the opening of the forum “The forum will discuss how to get the best use of media and social media in the management of our lives and our work through studies and practices of specialists in the field, pointing out the presence of 13 sessions and a training class serving the objectives of the Forum over three days.

         Al Khamees, stressed the keenness of the forum’s organizers to bring together the concerned and influential people in the field of media, communication and technology to create a kind of interaction by expressing their views on the media and technology situation in the Arab world.

           From his part, Qusai Al Shatti, Director General of the Central Agency for Information Technology, said: “The forum of Media, technology and communication is of great importance as it blends media with its various tools, technology that has become an important source in the media industry and its development. The revolution of communication, stressing that such forums, which come in the form of intensive training programs are of great importance in the development of our perception and our concepts and our ability to deal with those three influences media, communication and technology.

         Al-Shatti added: “The agenda of this forum is a rich schedule of important titles, and qualified lecturers who have been carefully selected to achieve the important purpose of this gathering to seize the benefit, information and additional knowledge. By proxy, and to the sponsors and all participants.

          Karim Darwish, Director of the Arab Planning Institute, said: “The forum of media, technology and communication includes a number of specialists and interested in media affairs to discuss the latest methods and objectives that contribute to the development of media sector and highlight its important role in supporting development ,as a regional institution to support development efforts in its various fields and as a partner with Arab Media Forum in organizing and implementing many development activities and forums, a partnership that is valued and always seeks to continue.

          Dr. Darwish stressed the need to strengthen development efforts and expand their scope, especially in the field of informatics and technology, and to activate the role of technological technologies in achieving the development goals. He pointed to the role of Arab Planning Institute in developing the information center to become an integrated electronic center aimed at providing information support to all its trainees Institute, researchers, specialists and attention to economic and social development, through its components, which include the electronic library, regional and international databases, electronic journals, the Institute’s database of documents and the database of Arab experts.

          Darwish added “It is necessary to crystallize and generalize the objectives of economic and social development,so that these goals enter the community culture and become part of the societal thought each individual seeks to achieve these goals,the role of media is to educate public opinion on the most important development issues, It also explains the results and outputs at the near and distant levels, so that the public opinion is aware of the changes that can and can be linked to the reality, and work to deal with them for the benefit of economic and social, ,stressing the need to disseminate knowledge and raise awareness of the development policies and actions of governments, both at the social level and most importantly, or at the economic level and per capita income.

         The agenda of the forum includes 13 lectures that will be held over three days. The table on the first day includes three lectures: “How to develop your life and presented by Latifa El-Lougani, and the session “How to influence and presented by Dr. Fawaz Al-Ajmi, Professor of Media at Kuwait University””How does your creativity appear and is presented by Ayman Salah, an IT expert?” And on the second day, the table includes a session on “How to build your image on the Internet and presented by Roland Abi Najm, IT and social networking consultant” ,and “How to Protect Yourself and Presented by Dr. Fayez Al-Kandari Professor of Private Law at the Faculty of Law at Kuwait University and Hussein Al-Abdullah Lawyer and Legal Researcher”, And the session “How to achieve your way and presented by Thursday Thursday Secretary General of the Arab Media Forum”, and the session “How to Achieve Your Ownness” by Dr. Moataz Kokesh, a specialist in modern technology sciences. The table includes the third day of the session “How to master your e-business and presented by Bilal Al-Murad, regional Director of Ipsos Connect, and “How to Develop Your Skills and Presented by Nasser Al Mutawa, aTechnology Expert”,and “how to market your project and presented by Mohammed Suwaydan, an e-marketing expert,and the session “How to assess your performance and presented by Dr. Salah Al-Najm expert social media,”and “How to Achieve Your Success” presented by Manar Al Hashash, Secretary General of Kuwait Content Award.

      It is worth mentioning that the Forum on Media, Technology and Communication is organized by Arab Media Forum and the Central Information Technology Agency,The Arab Planning Institute, sponsored by Kuwait Airways, and aims to study the role of technology in the growth and development of government and private institutions,highlighting the direct impact of the technological revolution on changing the foundations, concepts and tools of many other industries

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New indie horror flick haunted by REAL spooky antics now in Redbox

New indie horror movie “The Doll Master” that has met with tremendous response was recently released in RedBox. The film was shot at a haunted location and the entire unit faced supernatural events during the shoot.

Essex, UK, November 22, 2017: Good news for puppet/doll horror movie fans looking for a horror treat this holiday season. Leading British film company Greenway Entertainment has recently launched its new indie supernatural horror movie on RedBox in USA, which is already ruling the HMV chart in #1 position and has also garnered rave reviews and ratings from viewers. Titled  “The Doll Master”, the latest Killer Doll movie was itself shot at a haunted location amidst real paranormal activities.



“Great Indie Horror from Steven M. Smith. More suspense over gore. This British indie film is well acted, with great visuals and music and sound design for the zero budget they obviously had. Highly recommended for a night in with popcorn”, read a happy review from an elated viewer.

Directed by Steven M. Smith, “The Doll Master” revolves around Norman and his beloved doll Hugo. Norman is a house-bound introvert and the overbearing doll is the one and only friend in his life. His world centers around Hugo and Norman could not think of spending a day without the doll. The twist in the tale is that Hugo is actually possessed by demonic forces. The film starts with Hugo getting kidnapped which pushes Norman into a frenzied search for his dear doll. 


Viewers have loved the gripping storyline of the movie that progresses through several spine-chilling moments as Norman encounters the heinous demonic forces on his quest for Hugo. To some, “The Doll Master” reminds of the famous creepy doll movie “Chucky” but Smith’s plot is much higher on the spook quotient with a lot of “added menace”.


English actor and producer Tony Fadil plays the protagonist (Norman) in the movie. Other important actors of the film are Rorie Stockton and Tiffany-Ellen Robinson. 


Interestingly, “The Doll Master” not only shines with its awe-inspiring suspense but also has a REAL spooky background story behind it. Smith landed up with the shooting location somewhere in the UK after extensive research. The location apparently seemed to be inspiring for the film but over time the crew started facing a series of bizarre incidents that left the whole unit in spooky frenzy. There were ghostly apparitions, unexplained paranormal activities and at some point, the whole cast & crew was down with sickness while shooting the film for no solid reason. From the director to the actors to the technicians, everyone involved in the film had experienced some level of scary supernatural incidents during the shoot.  



In the words of the director – “The location inspired me, but mysterious things started to happen when on set. Actors and crew including myself saw strange dark figures, got a sickness bug that seemed to last only whilst we were in some of the location rooms. The Tunnel system was spooky, and on one occasion our smoke machine turned itself on filling the whole set with dense mist, even when it was not plugged in!”

Smith and his crew are of the belief that the evil spirits that were on location have now possessed Hugo, the doll used in the film!

The Doll Master has been released on DVD rental on RedBox and would be available for digital download from December 5, 2017.  

You can catch the trailer of the film here 

For more information, please visit

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Donald Bondeson, Founder of Taxes in 24 Interviewed on Influential Entrepreneurs About Rapid Tax Preparation for Individual, Business and Corporate Clients.

With 25+ Years in the financial and accounting arena both in industry and public accounting, Donald has run companies from startup to $50Million plus in revenue. Taxes in 24 has the expertise to provide clients with the services that they need. Dedicated to keeping their tax preparation skills honed with continuing education courses throughout the year, they are highly qualified to prepare tax returns for all fifty states. Their sister US based CPA firm prepares all tax returns and never outsources any returns.

During the interview, Don offers insights as to why it is beneficial to have outside help in preparing taxes. He commented: “We discovered a gap in the tax preparation industry where people were uncomfortable using the software programs on the market because they worried they would miss out on deductions and pay too much in taxes. Then others were tired of paying the high fees to the big players, so we developed a unique way to connect with highly qualified tax preparation professionals virtually by phone or video conference and get their taxes done in as little as 24 hours”

Bondeson is proud of their unique 7 Easy Steps to completing your taxes explaining how it works: “First gather your documents and let us know by email or phone when ready. We will get your email address for the secure portal. We send you a link to our secure portal. You login and set your username and password. From your phone or your desktop, you can place the documents on the portal. The phone app does allow you to just take a picture of documents. You can just upload PDF documents from online accounts and email into the portal. Let us know when all documents are ready. We will send you an email for you to schedule the 30-minute phone call to go over your documents and see if we can find more deductions. After we have all documents and all information, we prepare your tax returns, and in many cases, they can be ready in as little as 24 Hours. When the taxes are completed, you will get an email to schedule your 15-minute phone meeting. We will send you your tax return and go over it with you. Next sign the e-file authorization form, pay for the tax preparation, and we file your return.”


Learn more about Taxes in 24 by listening to the interview or visiting their website.

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Spranster launches new super strong folding step stool that holds up to 300 lbs

Spranster has recently launched its flagship product Super Strong Folding Step Stool on Amazon which can hold up to a massive 300 lbs. It’s unique skid resistant design makes it safe for use in multiple places.

Portland, Oregon, November, 22, 2017: Amazon Best Seller Spranster is pleased to announce the launch of its flagship product  Super Strong Folding Step Stool. Designed for kids and adults alike, the new step tool stands out with its optimum carrying capacity reaching up to 300lbs. Despite its massive capacity, the product is extremely lightweight and can be easily carried by kids.

“We have come up with a new advanced step stool which is a perfect blend of functional design, smart style and affordability. Most importantly, our step is stool can effortlessly hold up to 300 lbs which you won’t find with most of the regular step stools in the market. We have backed it with heavy duty materials and unique structural design for a robust use and lasting durability. It’s 100 percent safe to use. Moreover, the step stool’s foldable design makes it extremely space-efficient”, stated one of the founder-members of Spranster.

Spranster’s flagship step stool sports skid resistant top and feet for optimum foot grip. It is engineered with unique rubber-padded grip-dot textured surface that makes the stool safe to use even for little ones. 


“Our step stool is intelligently designed with tightest possible grip to prevent slippage and assure amazing comfort for the users. It’s advanced safety features makes it your ultimate go-to step stool for multiple uses. Whether you want to use it in bathroom or for your kitchen or for garden or for office- our awesome step stool would be your best support for any place. You can also use it for your outdoor adventures like camping or fishing.”

Speaking further, the spokesperson stressed on the convenient foldable quotient of the new step stool. Spranster’s step stool opens and folds up in a jiffy and that too with just one hand. 

“Our foldable step stool is super compact (just 2” wide) and you can store it just anywhere when not in use. When you want to use it, just open the stool in one flip and you are all set to go in less than a second. Users can stand on it safely while pulling out something from top shelves or for fixing anything on the walls or ceiling. The stool also offers a comfy seating with its nifty 11” seating space”, explained the spokesperson

The step stool even comes with an in-built handle for easy carriage of the stool. The handle appears when the tool is folded flat and its smooth finish assures comfortable portability. 

“As responsible sellers, we always stand by our products and the same goes with our new super strong step stool. We promise you 100% satisfaction guarantee with our product. However, if you are somehow discontent with our step stool, we are ready to extend a 100% cash back guarantee.”

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